Approval of 4B would provide Colorado Mountain College (CMC) with protection from the explosive growth in Front Range property values which is causing negative adjustments in the Gallagher Amendment tax rates. In other words, CMC’s local funding is compromised by the Gallagher Amendment. We are not asking for an automatic or unlimited tax increase. Rather, approval of 4B allows CMC's elected Board of Trustees to recover revenues lost due to adjustments in the Gallagher Amendment rates.

For the past fourteen years, the amount individual homeowners contribute to support the college is $32 per year per $100,000 of assessed property value. If 4B is successful, this rate would be maintained to keep CMC financially sound into the future, ensuring that future generations of students have access to affordable postsecondary education thereby becoming productive members of our economy and local workforce.  In addition, CMC Board of Trustees, as elected officials, are responsible for ensuring that CMC is operated as efficiently as possible by college leadership, keeping its costs at a level that is among the lowest in the nation.

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No new residential property taxes...

but a continued legacy of accessible, affordable postsecondary education for rural communities.

Growth on the Front Range has triggered a statewide adjustment in revenues impacting local tax districts in the state.

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Join the growing assembly of rural leaders concerned that continued explosive growth on the Front Range will wipe out the services that we all worked so hard to build. Learn more. 

Why 'YES' on 4B?

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) has provided access to the most affordable postsecondary education in our state for the last 50 years.  A 'YES' vote on measure 4B this November will help preserve the heritage of this unique institution that serves the mountain and rural communities.  Learn more.

 ​​​The measure is about authorizing the CMC Board of Trustees to preserve the quality of educational services in our mountain communities, not about raising taxes. Learn more.
  • Colorado Mountain College's (CMC) local funding is compromised by Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment and explosive Front Range growth.

  • 4B is not a residential property tax increase.

  • 4B will keep residential property taxes at their current level and allow the CMC Board of Trustees to adjust the mill levy ONLY to offset future Gallagher reductions.  Learn more.

  • 4B will preserve the quality of education for future generations - providing affordable college tuition, free classes for high school students, and high quality training for business owners, employees, teachers, nurses, police officers, veterans, emergency responders and others.


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